Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ruth Blazes

The man of valour responded 
To the woman of valour
As the baton got passed to the
Kinsman redeemer
He took the problem to the city gate
For resolution
Since there was a potential kinsman redeemer
Closer to the family
But once he knew the steep cost involved
He withdrew from redeeming the land
So Boaz married Ruth
And we think, 'Oh a romance!'
And miss God's contribution
To this holy endeavour
Raised through partnership
When Ruth, the barren widow no more,
Gave birth to a boy
Who she puts into the arms of Naomi
Leaving the curtain to close
On an exclamation,
"Naomi has a son

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ruth Again

Naomi was facing hunger and poverty
As a barren widow in Bethlehem
But Ruth stepped in to fill
The emptiness 
Gleaning became a way to find food
But it would be so little
So Ruth asked Boaz for permission
To work among the harvesters
Rather than the gleaners
His acceptance 
Sent food from the field
And food from the table home for Naomi
In bountiful amounts--
Naomi's joy in God
Began to emerge
As the emptiness began to fill
And soon Naomi noticed Ruth
Recognized her as a foreigner in Israel 
And wanted to find a home for her
A place of protection 
In a land where Moabites were distrusted
Naomi hatched a plan
To get Ruth married
In a time and place where widowhood and barrenness 
Meant misery and hardship 
But Ruth wouldn't leave Naomi behind
She'd accept a husband
Only if the result would elevate Naomi
From emptiness 
And so she must know
Would Boaz partner with her
In a scheme to return Naomi's land
To being a place of bread?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ruth Begins

Ruth joined the family
The family of the visitors from Bethlehem
The strangers who arrived with stories
Of famine from the City of Bread
Ruth joined the family
When she married a son
And a new rhythm of life began
As she learned of new ways
And a new God
A God of love and miracles and rescue
And yet the sadness continued
As husband after husband after husband
Naomi, Orpah and Ruth 
Alone with Naomi's God
Then news of bread arrived
And Naomi packed to go home
She began her travels with two daughters
In tow
But why take them to more sadness
So she sent them to their fathers' homes
To find new husbands and old gods
Only Ruth refused
An old god
She strengthened her ties to Naomi and
This new God and threw herself
Into His hands with a fervent trust
Leaving them to travel on together
To Bethlehem
Where the barley harvest had begun
Arrival meant a new busyness for Ruth
As Naomi announced her emptiness
With a new name--Mara
And bitterness arrived at her old home
Without the comfort of husband or sons

Saturday, September 24, 2016


God embraced fully
Opens life to surrogate 
For Naomi's son


Man of valour in 
The wonder of partnership:
For hesed revealed


Pleasant to bitter
Brings emptiness into view
Until a son smiles