Thursday, December 31, 2015


Ink in a bottle sitting on my desk
Waiting to fill the fountain pen
To overflow the page with words

Eraser set in place
Until the pencil markings
Require a change

Reading glasses perched on my nose
So that the detailed work
Can flow

Paper available
To pens, pencils and markers
The tools may vary but the goal is expression

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wild in the City

Patches of wilderness
Scattered through the city
Keep us in touch with Your earth, Lord
If we are willing to visit it

Textures of tree bark rough to the fingers
With dried grasses crunching underfoot
Scents of growth or decay
Soon after rain
Entangled with the taste of wild food
Whether sweet or sour
Impress the sight even more strongly
As it all layers together

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


One part of the group has the money
But the other part of the group is beginning 
To provide personnel
To keep the whole group functioning
And yet a polite lack of respect
Is constant through a subtle
Show of power, control and favouritism

We live it every day
And yet are not supposed to recognize it
Or comment upon it

The desire for control
Is broken at the cross
And shattered at the empty tomb

Yet we are drawn back into it
As the culture around us permeates
What we think and do

But we are called to freedom

Monday, December 28, 2015


Pink in the west sky
Turns bare trees to silhouette
As the sun leaves us

Walk The Walk

Winter comes close
As the New Year approaches
Leaving 2015 behind
Knowing we have walked with You, Lord
This past year
Hanging on tight when things got tough
Exuberantly dancing when laughter
Was the gift
Always knowing You are close by in the heart
Looking forward toward Your leading
Knowing security in You

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Autumn Cleanup

Raking leaves into
Piles to be carried onto
Growing compost heap


An unchanging green
Creeping along open ground
Bursts into purple

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Your Stories, Lord

Yesterday, Lord, we remembered Your birth
With get togethers, food and gifts
And in the midst of it all
Was the re-enactment of Your coming
A telling in detail the story of Your birth
Did the Sunday school pageant two weeks ago
Tell the story as clearly?

How often do we hear the stories of You
Told clearly?
Or are they read aloud once
With the expectation they'll be caught
Just like that
With no interaction 
With the telling of the story

We have the stained glass windows
That show scenes from Your story
We have the church calendar
That moves us through 
Christmas and Easter each year
But have we become too sophisticated
For our own good?
Do we rely too much on reading
To facilitate the passing on of our stories
Without taking the time to tell them
Embrace them and walk our way through them?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Pursue His Purpose

Presenting the story that unfolded
Under the light of the star
Reveals God's initiative to 
Save people from themselves
Unknown to general comprehension
Eternity entered time as a baby boy
He grew in obscurity
In a country remote from the
Seats of
Under the watchful eyes of 
Roman soldiers keeping the 
Peace in a rough world in
Order that He could
Suffer death in exchange for
Eternal peace for all who will believe in him

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Log House

Solid wood built high
Fixed in a permanent wall
As shelter for us

Log House

A log house in the woods
Where the deer and the wild turkeys roam
A place for a heart to settle in peace
While the imagination soars free

Surrounded by the scent of the undergrowth
When walking through the woods
Alive to the possibility of wild flowers in place
While the wild animals wander free

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Simplicity gives
Space for ideas to weave
From mind to fingers
And back again
As something beautiful
Is created

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Christ, the promised one, became a man at
Home on earth as citizen and yet
Refugee for a time to avoid jealousy
In power
Seeking safety 
To grow into
Maturity ready to face his
Assignment of teaching and dying for
Salvation for each who believes in him

Why Poetry?

A simple observation
A single question
Learning to sort it out
One catch in the breath at a time

Solstice Yesterday

My early morning walks
Will soon begin to brighten
As the nights begin to shrink
On their way to summer

Monday, December 21, 2015


Lord, it was amazing to be with Your people
And be the one to stand up and pray
To gather us together as a group
As we talk with You, Lord
About Your world and Your creatures
To ask for Your love and peace to spread
And fill our lives
And be an influence in this world


Sitting here unfocused again
--Guess what it's Monday
And we had a busy weekend
Rebekah and Jamie came Saturday
On our way to Dad's
For a family Christmas
Then they stayed overnight
With us so we could spend 
Parts of Sunday together
--Breakfast and then late lunch
With us attending three different churches
In between the two

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Facing Retirement

Freedom fifty-five was unappreciated
But time continues moment by moment
And suddenly we realize
So much has passed
But a sixtieth birthday approaches
With acceptance that retirement
Could be the next stage
And with that a new vision for life in this moment


God in three persons
Yet there is one God
Church in millions of people
Yet only one church truly exists
Now and always
The mind tries to understand
To organize
To visualize
Yet it is perhaps best to simply accept
There is one
Then we can work towards
Practical implications of living as one
Throughout history there have been many
Attempts to live as one
And yet each generation grapples anew
With the concept of one

Thursday, December 17, 2015


In this day and age
Perfection is the goal
Forgetting we need space to develop our talents
We aim to compete with the work of master craftsmen
But the beginner
Is allowed to simply be that
Begin at the first level
Then keep working 
Through to a comprehensive ability
One that quietly draws notice
For a combination of technical skill and artistic vision 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Day after green day is passing
Even as December is more than half gone
Christmas will soon be surpassing
Even as autumn remains in effect
Memories of winter amassing
Bare trees covered in snow
Elegant homes for squirrels bypassing 
Requirements of local builders 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Books

Solomon once said
"Of making books there is no end."*
And now today
I am adding to that endless mountain
Books of my own design
Even as my heart flutters in excitement
The movement is towards books
With my name on them

*Ecclesiastes 12:12

More Tea

It seems I write often of tea
Perhaps because it brings a pause
To my life, to my thoughts
Allowing me a time to refresh
Before whatever life brings next


Memories in bite size chunks
Arranged for reading on
Numbered pages
Under the watchful eyes of me
Susan's poems
Combined with EhLu's illustrations
Ideas and actions of life
Perceived, understood

Monday, December 14, 2015


Saturday awoke with a shiver as
Home felt abandoned by heat and
Invaded by cold
Very thankful for portable heaters and
Electricity to provide relief until the
Repairman arrives to fix the furnace


"A toonie for a coffee?"
But the stranger shook her head
And walked passed into the coffee shop for tea
But later--when her tea was packed
In her backpack to go
The shake of the head was replaced by
"What do you take in your coffee?"
And hands warming with a large double double

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Joy Now

Step by light step we walk with You
But the imagination dances far ahead
With such a pirouette that it can
Carry us away
But You keep us firmly planted
When we live life now
In this moment
Grounded yet filled with a dancing joy

God Keeps His Promises

Going into Your Word, Lord
Opens other lives to my view
Dipping deep into stories brings
Knowledge to 
Experience as I walk with You
Past lives open up ways to 
See this world, to interact with
In a fresh and
Serious way as I
Relentlessly forward into the love
Of God: the promise keeping God
Making mercy and grace key elements
Influencing my life
Seasonally and daily
Energizing my attitude as I 
Strive to lift You up for the world to see

Friday, December 11, 2015


The path before me
Divides with freedom to move
And the dance begins

Choices Begin for Retirement

Andrew is moving toward
It has been almost a full five years
Since Freedom 55
Now he is ready
And as he moves toward
Embracing freedom
I will become a pastor
Here in London

Choices Begin for a Book

I began to sort through my poems yesterday
To move toward publishing a book of poetry
From 300 poems I chose 108
Amazing to realize it can become reality

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Morning Walk

A silent walk disturbed only by rabbits
Scurrying away to avoid detection
By the people walking up a country road
As the sunrise approaches

Ontario Breakfast Tea

Rebekah found it in British Columbia
And mailed it to me

The simple description sounded like something
Mom would like to drink

And so it was mailed to Ontario as a gift
For the tea drinker

Ontario Breakfast tea being drank
In Ontario for breakfast


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Community

A walk to the store to refresh the body with food
A walk to the library to explore ideas
A walk to church to meet together in worship
A simple way to keep community connected--
Just live within a short walk of life


A memory recorded by cameras
As two were married
And now the arranging of photos
Into books to keep the remembrance fresh


Walking home last night
The road traveled west
Suddenly the sun changed everything
As the pink-orange circle lowered dramatically 
Behind the simple houses of east London
Lighting the sky above intensely
And then
It was gone

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


You, Lord, became a person
To grow as we do
To be hurt as we are
To love as we can
To die as we will
To rise again so death will
No longer be permanent for us

And so the story is told
Of You in Bethlehem with Your parents
Visited by shepherds and wise men

The story that gets lost in the anxiety
Of gifts and parties and general busyness 

Yet it is so simple
You became human
And dwelt among us
Until You died for crimes
That we commit
So death couldn't keep You down
Christmas and Easter
Are the two ends of the whole
That makes us whole
When we believe in You, Lord

Monday, December 7, 2015


The introvert and the busy weekend
Requires a Monday that's quiet
A lazy morning after breakfast
And an afternoon editing a manuscript
--Just thinking of it brings

Stained Glass at Church

Coloured glass cut to 
Catch the sun to glow stories
About Jesus' life

Arranged in windows
Presented as simple scenes
That radiate truth

Contemplate events
Narratives of a growing
Faith of redemption

Forgiveness leads to 
Freedom to live outside hate
With simplicity

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Warrior Woman

The woman as warrior
Was simply a legend in this culture
We heard of Joan of Arc in history class
A simple blip on the timeline of history
That was not repeated for centuries
We heard of Mulan in fairytales
Saving China
We heard of Wonder Woman in comic books
Saving the United States
But now women are soldiers
Living and dying in war zones
And yet the picture is still alien
To our stereotypes of women
Called to be the beauty
Who nurtures all
With the stamina of a work horse


When evil is discovered
The response is often overdone
Everyone must fall in line with a new reality
Even if the good is destroyed in the process
Laziness? Emotional over reaction? Hatred?
But we are called to love
Each morning we awake we are called to love
Lord, You are light and You are love
And in You no darkness is found
You have called us into the light of You
To be light in this world
But hatred extinguishes that light when it can

And yet Your light will always come back
Growing as it moves in us

Saturday, December 5, 2015


A moment captured
Expressions lighting the face
My heart leaps anew

Learning Tools

For learning there are both
Books and videos available
In today's world
Each attracts different students
Andrew and I both like to learn new things
He is drawn to videos that show how
To do what he wants to do
While I'm drawn to books that can
Progress slowly or quickly
Depending on how much I already know
Moving pictures or pages with words
Different styles to the same end
Learning something new
As a way of life

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Helper

God is the helper
Woman is the helper
Somehow the treatment
Has been vastly different
Throughout history

What are we missing in this term?
To treat God as the inferior
Breaks relationship with God
To treat woman as the inferior
Creates much of the pain of history

Yet people quickly realized anyone can be
The helper
And so slavery has long existed

But God is my helper
And he is neither my inferior
Nor my servant/slave

The helper is simply one who
Works with us in partnership
Leaving us working as a team

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Moving Toward Poetry

Book two is on the horizon
But soon it will be close
Enough to work with
Close enough to choose
What it will contain
Six months of writing
Provides movement for choice

The Rewrite Continues

Writing fiction and yet trying to keep
Reality in mind
With made up characters
In a made up story
In a real location
Does keep the balance between
Fiction and reality interesting

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Painting

An autumn scene
Painted in oils by Grandma
Many years ago
Propped on the window sill
As encouragement to creativity

My Walk

Standing by the road
Watching me as I pass by
Calm and peaceful
Yet fully aware of my presence
The deer have become climatized
To me and to Andrew
There are no high fences between us
Yet they stay and graze
While they keep an eye on us
As we walk by

It has taken five months
Of almost daily early morning walks
Up my hill in the country
To reach this point

A city girl on a country walk

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Questions to ponder
While rewriting a story
To make the flow smooth

Bottle of Ink

Intense liquid words
Kept safe in a bottle
Ready for paper