Sunday, June 5, 2016


To be busy learning is amazing
But sometimes it's such a challenge
To figure out what to focus on
But my summer projects seem to be in place
As I help with a website,
Turn stories into songs
And continue writing a children's book
It's funny how life seems so slow
And yet by the end of the week 
Things have been accomplished
And so life continues
Moment by moment
In a lovely bit of now

Friday, June 3, 2016


I've never actually learned
To juggle things
To toss one at a time into the air
And then to catch them just long enough 
To redirect them up again
But for it to work there must be no panic
Instead a rhythm must be found
That propels each piece to move 
In its pattern as its needed
While still being ready to respond to
The next piece approaching

Social Media

Exploring different social media
And discovering
They can each fill different niches
Facebook reaches out to friends
Instagram can broaden my knowledge 
Of community
Twitter informs about the world
How can each be used for positive?