Sunday, July 31, 2016

Let Me Tell You a Love Story

A man on a journey who stops at a well
Where he meets a woman
Equals a love story

This plot saw Isaac married to Rebekah
Even though Isaac never visited that well
This plot saw Jacob married to Rachel
And this plot saw Moses married to Zipporah
A love story to make the little ones giggle
And the older ones settle in to listen
The motif is trusted
For it takes us back to our roots
To our ancestors
Even for every one of us in the church
These are our roots

A traveling man, a well and a woman
Equals a love story of profound importance

And so a day came when Jesus was traveling
From Galilee in the north
To Judea in the south
And he had to pass through Samaria
He and his disciples arrived at Sychar
While his disciples went into town
To find food
Jesus rested by the well
In the heat of the day
For he was tired and
The well was a quiet place
Until a woman came along for water
And found a traveler 

But wait, that's the signal for a love story
A love story

Don't you remember who this woman is
She has had five husbands
And her present man isn't married to her
This cannot be a love story!

And yet as she came to the well
Jesus spoke to her asking for a drink of water
That sparkling, glittering liquid 
That quenches thirst

Will you give me some water?

Why are you speaking to me?

If you asked me, I could give you living water
And you'd never be thirsty again

But you have nothing with which to get 
The water

But I give living water
With it you would never thirst again

Their conversation moved onto worship
And she learned of worship
In spirit and in truth
Then she learned of the Messiah
That he was there with her

And through it all
One truth radiated out for her
God loved her
And that truth grew into hope
God loved her and her people
And that grew into joy
So she went back to the city
To bring them to Jesus 
That everyone could be a part of
This greatest love story 
Of all time

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rose Belle

Rising early to prepare for the day?
Only those close by know if this is true, but
Sunshine and summer heat
Excitement building and
Busy details as
Everything is finalized for the wedding
Love plays a role as
Lives are joined together before
Everyone who has come to celebrate


Short stories
Family stories
Stories to help a little girl read
Simple stories
Adventure stories
Taking us out on the wind and waves

Friday, July 22, 2016


Ready to sing this weekend!
Once at church
Once at a wedding if they do a concert
Somehow the time is right
To be prepared for this


An introvert with the extrovert
Leads to needing to find time alone
For the quiet one
And so the extrovert has been going 
To a seniors club
A few times per week
To spend time with others doing fun things
And one result
Has been his blood pressure coming down
And his medication being discontinued
For just over a month now
What other changes will this change lead to?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Love With You, Lord

Love sparkles in the moment
When a walk with You is embraced
And timing proves delightful
When the details are trusted to You

Wedding Season

A celebration of passage
From childhood into adulthood
With the acceptance of all the 
That go with
Learning to work as a team and family

And yet room for love
And joy
To match the perseverance
And forgiveness
That mark the path of life together